California Dreaming: Staycation and Wellness Retreats from San Diego to the Bay Area

You lie down peacefully on a comfortable bed in an artistically-decorated room. An exquisite aromatherapy lamp with essential oils spreads a subtle sweet aroma throughout the place. As you look outside the window, you catch a glimpse of the beautiful Lake Cuyamaca and the lush green mountains. The place hardly has a sound of the city; only the birds are chirping and a soothing serenity surrounds you.

Is this a dream?

No, this is a San Diego staycation.

Wellness retreat

Quiet Mind Mountain is a marvelous lodge and retreat center in Julian, California. It sits right at the lovely Lake Cuyamaca and is a greatwellness getaway of California. The lodges of this center are designed to let people disconnect with technology for a while and re-connect with nature. However, the lodges are laced with internet connection; yet they are nestled deep in nature to let you absorb the positive vibes and rejuvenate yourselves.

This is supposed to be a preferable wellness retreat in Bay area and why not! For the suites feature Buddhist artworks and decoration. You can find wonderful sculptures and artistic pieces of décor. The ambience of the place is such that it gives you a sense of wellbeing.

Haven of peace – San Diego staycation

As you reach the Quiet Mind Mountain center for a Northern California staycation, you are greeted with exquisite hand-carved doors in red and gold. Enter through the door and you feel as if you have entered a haven of peace. Walking through the suite in itself is a rejuvenating experience, as the place is decorated with Buddhist-inspired designs. You come across a serene meditation room that invites you to forget everything in the world and just be.

The beautiful Buddhist statues and the spectacular views of Lake Cuyamaca lead you towards bliss and relaxation.

The suite features rich and warm colors that trigger a sense of wellness in you. This wellness retreat in San Francisco isn’t an ordinary one. Come here and feel the extra ordinary power of nature. You will be swooned by the Divine-like vibes of the surroundings.

Staycation in San Diego

Here is a wonderfulstaycation San Diego opportunity! Come to Quiet Mind Mountain Retreat Center and create unforgettable memories. From spiritual library and organic coffee to aromatherapy, spa, meditation, and stargazing jacuzzi, you are pampered to the core.

This is one of the affordable health and wellness retreats that offer a luxurious and blissful experience to the visitors. 

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